Special Birthday Poems

is the web page for a host of milestone birthday verses and sayings going from the very first birthday right up to 90th birthday. These are free for you to use in greetings cards, gift tags, speeches or roasts

The links follow but, for now, here's a one for guys above 60/65

Just ignore the young 'uns
When oft they mention
That you shouldn't drink
On yer old age pension
Even though, apparently
It's considered appalling
Go ahead, use your bus pass
For a spot of pub crawling
It's perfect, of course
For daytime pubbing
And, once you've got the taste,
A spot of night clubbing
And the bus pass certainly
Reduces costs, I've heard
Should you chance to score
And pull a bird

Adapted by Jon Bratton © 2013
(with major acknowledgement to Clive Whichelow)

❤ ❤

And here's one for those very birds

Your jumpers aren't bobbly
Your knees aren't knobbly
And your backside's not wobbly..well, not much
You've not got to that stage
Where you quite like beige
And, therefore, not reached old age...well, no rush

You've not.
I've not.
This is a time for solidarity and firmness.
(Oh yes, please)

Adapted by Jon Bratton © 2013
(with major acknowledgement to Clive Whichelow)

❤ ❤

Seize the day, for time is passing,
Seize the day, your days amassing.
Your time to live, and do, and be,
Is now for you a mystery.
To solve each day as it unfolds,
And watch the treasure it beholds.

Now understand your precious time,
Will one day just be over.
And understand the time to live,
Is now, not under clover!
So seize the moment, seize the time,
seize the precious day.
And fill your life with happiness,
For this is your today!

❤ ❤

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The poems & quotes for 40th thro 90th are about the aging process and are interchangeable...for example a 50th birthday poem could be used for a 60th just by changing the number

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