Easter Poems

Easter Poems

Shout for joy, all the earth,

Lift up your voice and sing

Christ the Lord is risen today

He reigns on high as King

Wishing you a Joyful Easter

L of P

Only God could have created

All the loveliness of spring.

Made the bough to bud and blossom.

Taught the robin how to sing.

Only God could have remembered,

Through the winter, cold and gray,

How to renew the earth with beauty

And give us the Easter Day.

Wishing you a Blessed Easter Season

L of P

For Mother and Father 

This special Easter wish 

That comes with love to you 

Brings warm and heartfelt thanks 

For all the thoughtful things you do-- 

It also comes to let you know 

You both mean more each day 

To everyone your lives have touched 

In such a loving way. 

Happy Easter, Mum (Mom) and Dad 

With Love 

L of P 

Guess who's hop, hop, hopping your way? 

To wish you a hap, hap, happy Holiday. 

Loaded with goodies made just for you. 

It's the Easter Bunny 

That's who. 

L of P

Easter brings the best surprises, 

Baby chicks and buds in bloom 

And Spring sunshine 

That fills your room. 

L of P

Lots more Egg-ceptional Sprintime Easter poems, verses yet

The tiny bunny 

Is working all day long 

Decorating Easter eggs 

While humming a song 

He is having so much fun 

Making eggs for you and me 

And small chocolate bunnies 

That he gives away free 

But when he is finished 

He'll bring them your way 

In a big coloured basket 

Upon Easter day 

L of P

Though we're apart 

You're in my heart 

This Easter 

...and always 

Easter verses

L of P

Have an Egg-ceptional 



L of P

Happy Norther 

Happy Souther 

Happy Wester 

Got it ! 

Happy Easter 

L of P

Easter brings the best surprises, 

Baby chicks and buds in bloom 

And Spring sunshine that fills your room. 

L of P

Here's a special Easter wish 

That you'll have lots of fun, 

Cos you're a special favourite 

Who is loved by everyone 

L of P

Just wanted to spring up to wish you a Happy Easter. 

L of P

Sending you a basketful of good wishes at Easter. 

L of P 

Another hatch of Eggstra Special Springtime verses, poems 

L of P

This special Easter greeting 

Comes across the miles today 

To let you know you're thought of 

In the very warmest way. 

L of P

May all of you share an Easter 

That's bright and sunny, too- 

Filled with love and happiness 

In every way for you. 

L of P

An Easter wish, 

And a big HELLO, 

For someone who's 

So nice to know. 

L of P


It's your Easter Bouquet! 

L of P

Hope this Easter is all it's "cracked" up to be! 

 L of P

Hope you have an Easter holiday that turns out egg-xactly the way you want. 

L of P

As bright flowers burst forth

To welcome the spring

May you know every joy

That Easter can bring.

L of P

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Easter Rap made into a graphic on YouTube but original material from Sermonspice

May the spirit of hope

That Easter brings

Help you find

Contentment in little things

And restore your faith

In the Lord above

Who gave His life

For the ones He loves

Happy Easter

L of P

Blank Verse Easter Poems

What better time to think about

those who mean the most to us

than at this beautiful season of love.

Happy Easter

L of P

Wishing you a very

Happy Easter

And a lovely spring

L of P

Wishing you the beauty

of spring and the spirit

of love that is Easter.

L of P

At Easter, may hope and peace

spring up, bright as flowers,

blessing you with all good


Happy Easter

L of P

Thinking of you both and

sending lots of love, smiles,

and all kinds of good wishes

at Easter

L of P

Thinking of you and wishing

you all the beautiful blessings

of Easter.

L of P

Easter celebrates God's gift of love

May you see His mighty hand in

every detail of your life.

Happy Easter

L of P

We both hope you know

that you have a special

place in our hearts for all

the ways you've been so

good to us and for being

the wonderful parents

that you are.

Happy Easter

L of P

Easter poems verses

Hip hop, hippety hop 

My “Easter Bunny” went off to the shop, 

He bought me an egg and lots of chocs 

And packed them into a cardboard box. 

Then he wrapped it with paper and shiny string 

It really was such a pretty thing. 

Disaster struck when I opened the door- 

He slid across the parquet floor, 

He went round the corner and past the stairs 

And finished up in a pile of chairs. 

Of the Easter goodies not a trace, 

He’d thrown them into my fireplace! 

So a warning before you go opening doors 

Make sure your “Bunny” has non-slip paws! 

Lots more Eastery verses, poems yet to come

Hello yellow 

For chicks and daffodils 

Playing, swaying in the Springtime breeze 

Howdi brown,( not for trees) 

But for Chocolate,chocolate...and more chocolate 


Happy Spring 

Happy Easter 

Easter poems verses

Mum (Mom) (and Dad) you know I (we) rely on you 

Perhaps more than I (we) ought 

But I (we) really do appreciate 

All your love and support 

Have a really lovely Easter 

And may all your pressies be beauties 

Have a nice long rest before resuming 

Your childminding duties 

Which I (we) hope you find rewarding 

Not in money terms, as such 

But knowing that I (we) and the children 

Love you very much 

Jon Bratton c 2006 

Easter Poems Verses

It means so much at Easter time 

To keep in touch with friends 

To wish them happiness and cheer 

And joy that never ends. 

That's why this brings a warm "hello" 

Especially for you 

Together with best wishes 

For a happy Springtime too. 

L of P

Now that it's Easter 

I really have to say 

Thank you Mum (Mom) (Mam) for all that you do 

In your quiet efficient way 

I don't know how I'd cope 

Without you by my side 

I know that life would be 

A very bumpy ride 

As the seasons come and go 

And Easter time arrives 

It takes the Spring season 

To make me realise 

I do not take the time to say 

I appreciate all you do 

So have a Happy Easter, Mum (Mom) (Mam) 

And lots of love to you 

MargMax c 2006 

L of P

Of the Easter gifts I'll receive 

And of those in the past, I've had 

There's none compares to the best of gifts 

That's you...thanks, Mum and Dad 

Easter poems verses

Mom (Mam) (Mum) I can't thank you half as much 

As I think I oughta 

You're my best friend and confidente 

I'm your ever loving daughter 

Have a really nice Easter 

L of P

Of all the Easter gifts 

I've ever recieved or bought 

There's none compares to the best of gifts 

That's you.. Mum... Thanks for your support 

I love you at Easter and always 

L of P

The wish is old, 

The wish is true, 

Happy Easter, 

My friends, to you 

L of P

It means so much 

To keep in touch 

...with special friends like you 

Happy Easter 

Easter poems verses

May your Easter 

be wrapped in happiness 

.....and tied with love 

L of P

 For renewal of life

For birds that sing

Thanks for Easter

Thanks for Spring

L of P

Easter is a nice time to remember that it takes

special people to make special parents...

And that's what both of you are.

Happy Easter

L of P

Wishing you, and those you love,

the blessings of a glorious Easter.

L of P

This Easter wish from each of us

Is sent with love to you

Because we think you're special

And you make us happy, too...

That's why we're hoping Easter Day

You'll find that happiness comes your way

Happy Easter With Love!

L of P

Easter Poems

For the Nicest Mom (Mum) and Dad In The World

Whatever the occasion -

On a special day or not

The two of you must surely know

You're always loved a lot

But one thing you could never guess

Is what it means all year

To have the kind of parents

Who are both so very dear

Happy Easter To Both of You

L of P

For  Mother and Dad

Thinking about all the things you've done 

And the joy that you've brought each day...

Thinking about the encouraging words 

That you've always been ready to say...

Thinking about all your wonderful ways 

Of helping and giving and sharing,

Thinking about the warm reassurance 

Of knowing you both are there, caring...

Thinking about the family love 

We continue to share year to year...

And wishing you both all the joy you deserve 

Because you're especially dear.

Have a Wonderful Easter

L of P

Easter Poems

On this Easter day

May the joy of Christ's ressurrection 

Live in your heart today 

And always.

L of P

Wishing you and those you love, 

a joyous celebration of

renewed faith.

Have a Blessed Easter

L of P

At this glad time may your heart enjoy a sweet renewal

Happy Easter

Easter Poems

May God seem especially near to you on this holy day.

Happy Easter

Easter Poems

Guess who's hop, hop, hopping your way? 

To wish you a hap, hap, happy Holiday. 

Loaded with goodies made just for you. 

It's the Easter Bunny 

That's who. 

L of P

Rejoice in the Lord!

May all the beauty and glory of this blessed season 

fill our hearts with praise.

Happy Easter

L of P

On this day may 

you experience a sweet renewal of faith, hope, and joy.

Happy Easter

L of P