Baby Poems

Welcome to baby poems

Heartiest congratulations

You proud parents you

We're totally cock-a-hoop

Your dreams have come true

We couldn't be happier

Hoist the flags up the mast

And enjoy these precious moments

Of your fulfillment at last

Jon Bratton © 2013


❤ ❤

Feet just wiggling toes now, but soon running

Away with the dish and spoon

And jumping on sand castles, and then....

Walking on the moon

Treading the boards at the Sydney Opera House

Climbing Everest, maybe

Walking over hot coals, then cooling off

Surfing the South China Sea

Walking a tightrope over Niagara Falls

Dancing in Broadway shows

But, for now, your baby can be content

To practice wiggling toes

Congratulations on the birth

Of your London Mayor, Nobel Prize winner, who knows?

A Steve Jobs or a President

But certainly... a great wiggler of toes!

Jon Bratton © 2005


❤ ❤

Oh the baby powder scent

And those wonderful tiny toes

The brand new unblemished skin

That little button nose

A face unscribbled on by life

The softness of fine hair

The adoring look of adults

Wonderful to you lucky pair

Jon Bratton © 2014

Love-of-Baby Poems

❤ ❤

Babies are heaven sent,

To fit in our arms

We’re seduced by their pureness

And spellbound by their charms

Heartiest Congratulations

To the both of you

Jon Bratton © 2014


❤ ❤

A baby brings worlds of joy

And happiness to be

Of child and the parents

And the whole family

Beautiful big eyes

And fine downy hair

Call out for cuddles

And a parents loving care

Jon Bratton © 2014


❤ ❤

A Baby is a Blessing

A Gift from Heaven above

A Precious Little Angel

To Cherish and to Love. 

A wee bit of heaven

drifted down from above-

A handful of happiness, 

a heart full of love. 

The mystery of life, 

so sacred and sweet-

The giver of joy

so deep and complete. 

Precious and priceless, 

so lovable, too-

The world's sweetest miracle, 

baby, is you. 

Helen Steiner Rice

❤ ❤

Another batch of bouncing baby poems

Heartiest congratulations

You lucky husband and a wife

The long wait is over

You have a new joy in your life

This comes with love from both us

To send congratulations to you

And wish the best of everything

To you, of course.... but baby too

Jon Bratton © 2014


❤ ❤

A baby is a promise

Of such good things in store

Building blocks... a Barbie doll

An iPad...and much more

Like great expense and noise

Clutter, mess and stains

And then there's all the costs

Still, there's no gains, without pains

But soon you'll discover

The happiness and pride, too

Stop harping on about the costs

Consider the blessing, the joy...

...and wonderment to you


Jon Bratton © 2007


❤ ❤

Your home has an addition,

A baby crib's there now

And things will never be the same

Expect change...and how!

Expect bibs, diapers, changing mats, napkins

Smells "disguised" by talcuum perfume

Baby stuff and clutter 

Lying about every room.

Even without these clues

That are literally everywhere

It's still very obvious 

From the happiness.. 

....pervading the very air

A baby lives here now

It'll be messier, smellier and wetter

It'll never be the same...oh no

It'll be 1000% better!


Jon Bratton © 2005

Love-of-Baby Poems

❤ ❤

A baby couldn't be nicer

And it cannot be denied

That hearts are filled with happiness

And well nigh burst with pride 

So the heartiest of congratulations

And wishes to you are due

On the new life arriving to share yours

And greatly enhancing it too!

I'm so happy for you

Jon Bratton © 2008


❤ ❤

Baby Poems continue

❤ ❤

A new little baby

Congratulations to you

We know it’s a wonderful

Dream that has come true

We know you’ll be overjoyed

On the arrival of your first

Enjoy the pride and fulfillment

With hearts fit to burst

Jon Bratton © 2014

❤ ❤

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